Vaillant boiler engineer

Accredited Vaillant boiler installer

Here at Wirral Heating we are officially recognised as an Accredited Vaillant boiler installer. Through in-depth training and specialist advice, we have familiarised ourselves and become experts with a range of Vaillant products.


When hiring Wirral Heating to install Vaillant boiler, you can rest assured you will receive a professional and high-quality service. We have been trained specifically on Worcester’s domestic range of boilers covering everything from wiring to servicing and diagnostics to installing accessories.

Accredited Vaillant boiler installer in Wirral

If you have chosen to invest in a Vaillant boiler, then the logical next step is to ensure you select an Accredited Vaillant boiler installer to come and install your new boiler. Proper installation ensures that your new Vaillant boiler will function day one, and you will get the most from your new central heating.

Using Wirral Heating to install your Vaillant boiler also ensures that your product guarantee will remain valid and you will benefit from the expert help and advice offered by an officially accredited installer.

Vaillant boiler service and repair Wirral

If you’re already the proud owner of a properly installed Vaillant boiler, then it pays to take the correct care of it. If you need to get a Vaillant boiler service in Wirral then Wirral Heating can offer this as an accredited Vaillant installer at a competitive price.

We can also carry out boiler repairs on the Wirral, so if you’re experiencing problems with your Vaillant boiler, we will be happy to come and run diagnostics to identify and repair the problem.

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Wirral Heating offer a high quality and professional service for central heating in Wirral, including boiler installation, service and maintenance.

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