Wirral Gas Services

Gas servicing in Wirral

Gas appliances are incredibly valuable to every homeowner, but ensuring they are Gas Safe and operating efficiently is incredibly important, and so make sure your Wirral gas services are always carried out by a qualified technician.

To ensure that your gas appliances continue to function safely, it is highly recommended that they are inspected or serviced regularly.  This should happen annually.  We supply a range Wirral gas services to help keep your gas appliances in a safe and working order, from your boiler through to fireplaces.

Wirral Heating can come and service your gas appliances and are fully Gas Safe registered.  We are specialists when it comes to working with the most popular household gas boiler systems as well, both installation, servicing and repairs, so get in touch with us today to discuss your Wirral gas service requirements.

We will provide you a free no obligation quote.

Wirral Gas Services for landlords

If you’re a property landlord, then it is a legal obligation for you to hold up-to-date and valid Gas Safe Inspection certificate.  It gives both you and your tenants peace of mind that your appliances are in sound working in order and most of all, safe.

CAN YOU SMELL GAS?  If you can smell gas in your home, contact the energy supplier immediately to have the supply to your property turned-off.  Call the National Grid on 0800 111 999 to get your gas turned off.

Gas leaks can be incredibly dangerous.  Once the gas has been turned off, call Wirral Heating to have one of our Gas Safe registered engineers come out to inspect your leak.


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